Riding the Rails Mark Crimmins Micro-Fiction

pages Riding the Rails

by Mark Crimmins

Published in Issue No. 207 ~ August, 2014
Photo by Brendan Lynch (Toronto, Canada)

Photo by Brendan Lynch (Toronto, Canada)

After returning Fearless to Suspect Video, he walks an extra kilometer in the minus thirty air to use Spadina Station’s Lowther Road entrance and celebrate his fiftieth birthday by sliding down the slickest combination of subway handrails in the city: seventeen stairs, onestep twostep, nine stairs, onestep twostep, rotate 180, breakfall off tiled wall with a thunk, onestep twostep, thirteen stairs, onestep right turn twostep, eleven stairs and—bam!—the frictionless green cargo pants act like superchargers, propelling him—with gravity assist—onto the eastbound platform at the same speed as the decelerating train, the driver’s face turning and smiling.

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Mark Crimmins's fiction has been published or is forthcoming in Inscape, Happy, Confrontation, theNewerYork, White Rabbit, Columbia, Flash Frontier, Cha, Tampa Review Online, and Eunoia Review. When he is not writing he teaches Contemporary Fiction at the University of Toronto. He grew up in England, emigrated to the United States, lived in Japan for four years, moved to Canada to study, and currently lives in China.