The Dining Room Stephanie Kaminski Poetry

local_library The Dining Room

by Stephanie Kaminski

Published in Issue No. 208 ~ September, 2014

Mom sets the timer for two minutes

2x + 4 = 24 me staring back
“I don’t wanna!” Rachel, from the threshold
Comes the dog, nails on wood

While one lone penny tumbles in the dryer.
Dad (was)(is)(will be) never around.

Microwave complaining times up
Serve the frozen vegetables already!
Leaking faucet mechanics
Wasting away water one drop
Equals ten, x, obviously
Mom sighs, sets the timer for two minutes more.


  • Kevin Kinsella

    This is terrific. I LOVE: “While one lone penny tumbles in the dryer.”

  • David R. Kaminski

    the suspense is killing me, is X =10. Does Rachel finally comply, Why was the dryer “empty” but for a lone Penny, will the dam Faucet ever stop dripping, WHAT happens after two minutes ???
    Perhaps let me suggest :>D
    The Dog Harks “whos there” ?”, Rachel barks “why do you care” !
    Dad rolls in, late for dinner sheeplishly again, huffing and puffing but full of good intentions.
    Like, the clock that was wound to tight.
    The Veggies hiss and sigh at the loss of their promise, disgraced with the ripping from ground, shredded, frozen and now sizzling under a false sun.
    Two minutes more, “Why” they cry !
    the Faucet weeps again, the Penny pleads for Freedom, again
    longing to be Loose change again