237 February, 2017

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Letter from the Editor | February 2017

Issue No. 237 ~ February, 2017

  This month we have some fantastic guest contributors and artists to share with you, gentle reader. Award-winning novelist, game writer and journalist Lisa Brunette shares some of her experience as a writer. Author Trevor …

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God in the Garage

Issue No. 237 ~ February, 2017

When Tomas arrived at the apartment, there was a naked hooker sitting on the kitchen table, one leg above her head. The music was so loud, he’d heard it from the street– techno, or pop …

The Little Death

Issue No. 237 ~ February, 2017

Each night our mascot— a black and white cat— sneaks into the base searching for a warm lap and scraps of food. Tonight our reconnaissance unit joins an elite group of combat fighters. These tough …

How to Stay in the Whale

Issue No. 237 ~ February, 2017

    The first thing Brandon says, after coming to, is a lie. “What happened?” his father asks. “I was trying to get the dog away from the stairs,” he says. And although the doctors …

All Those Love Notes Swarm Like Insects

Issue No. 237 ~ February, 2017

  The note tucked into my backpack pocket. First note. A simple question with a doodle resembles a turtle nearby. His fingertips rich with Irish Spring. An answer is what begins when all he wants …


Issue No. 237 ~ February, 2017

It was the first day of summer when we burned Daddy’s body. I know because I looked at the calendar in the pantry right before doin it. I wanted to remember the day. We decided …