245 October, 2017

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The Is of Things

Issue No. 245 ~ October, 2017

This knows. This traces the broken web where each is lost to the many and little is known. And nothing is known once each is boxed in the ground, locked away and silent, finished with …


Issue No. 245 ~ October, 2017

Niles Oberlin smiles at the cleaning lady as he pours his morning coffee at the company sink. “I can’t believe that employee of mine did such a stupid thing,” Niles says. The woman smiles and …

The Swimmer

Issue No. 245 ~ October, 2017

Tyler placed his hands together above his head, his naked torso a diamond vision to behold, and bent his knees as if a wooden mallet sent from heaven tapped him right there. It was a …


Issue No. 245 ~ October, 2017

She was cartoon comical, my Auntie Verna, but darkly so. Auntie Verna came to visit us in Dryden, Ontario, unannounced, every year or two, her fortunes always in apparent flux. In 1960 she arrived broke …