Admiral Cornplaster Jack Harvey Poetry

local_library Admiral Cornplaster

by Jack Harvey

Published in Issue No. 251 ~ April, 2018

I reading

Buck Rogers

in my bedroom;


Like a flash of old times

I remember

Admiral Cornplaster’s

name and numen,

his misadventures,

fleshed in windowpanes

in the comic-strip;

climbing the walls of rooms,

hanging like a bat

from ceilings,

his green profile

against naval

summer whites

and gold frogs

lovely and lovable,

but formidable

like a big baby whale.

Did he love Buck or

only leave him loving?

Krypton will never know,

never cross his path.


And roly-poly earnest

his face fakes my

childhood back

alone reading upstairs;

World War Two

rumbling on out there,

Europe pounded down

and the green Pacific

atolls flashing back

to bare coral.


But soaring on tasteless wings,

I roared like the devil-dogs of Mars,

out out out

into deep space

and I had a crush on

you, cute Admiral,

and I wanted you for my friend.


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Jack D. Harvey 14 Greenleaf Drive Delmar, N.Y. 12054 518-928-1291 Dear Editor: Attached are five poems for your consideration for Pif Magazine Jack D. Harvey’s poetry has appeared in Scrivener, Mind In Motion, Slow Dancer, The Antioch Review, Bay Area Poets’ Coalition, The University of Texas Review, The Beloit Poetry Journal, The Piedmont Journal of Poetry and a number of other on-line and in print poetry magazines over the years, many of which are probably kaput by now, given the high mortality rate of poetry magazines. The author has been writing poetry since he was sixteen and lives in a small town near Albany, N.Y. He was born and worked in upstate New York. He is retired from doing whatever he was doing before he retired. He once owned a cat that could whistle "Sweet Adeline," use a knife and fork and killed a postman. Your time and attention are much appreciated and the author looks forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Jack D. Harvey