account_circle by Jeff Simonds
Jeff Simonds teaches writing in Upstate New York, where he lives with his wife and two ill-mannered cats. His short story collection, "You Are Not Allowed To Come Back After," was printed through Pinewood Books last year and is available on Amazon. You can find more of his writing in his first collection ("The Idiot of Geniusland"), on his Twitter (@HeyGeoff), or by stealing his laptop.


Broken Houses

Issue No. 216 ~ May, 2015

The two of them moved here in October, and they'll be moving again before school starts, and we need to find that broken-down house soon because it'll be our last chance.



Issue No. 187 ~ December, 2012

My father was a great teacher of terrible lessons, and consequently couldn’t be trusted to teach me anything correctly. I discovered this in third grade when I found out they are not called “smashed potatoes.”