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Emily Banner is a co-founder of Inkberry, a nonprofit literary center in the Berkshires. She lives in western Massachusetts.

Book Lovers

Halls of Fame

Issue No. 60 ~ May, 2002

If all of Halls of Fame were as carefully constructed as these two pieces, I'd use the term `wondrous' to describe the entire book.

One Man’s Meat

Issue No. 59 ~ April, 2002

I got a letter from a lightning rod company this morning trying to put the fear of God in me, but with small success. Lightning seems to have lost its menace. Compared to what is …


Issue No. 55 ~ December, 2001

Before I get to Sheba, the actual subject of this review, I’d like to take a moment to explore a parallel that occurred to me about halfway through the book. It’s a parallel that Nicholas …

Loving Pedro Infante

Issue No. 54 ~ November, 2001

Loving Pedro Infante tells the story of Teresina Ávila, or Tere, a divorced thirtysomething teachers’ aide in Cabritoville, New Mexico. Tere has a mother who’s always there for her, a best friend she can tell …

The Other Side of Eden

Issue No. 53 ~ October, 2001

The Other Side of Eden is a puzzle of a book, by turns engrossing and dull, insightful and preachy. In it, Hugh Brody examines hunter-gatherer cultures, individually and in general, and looks at how these …

The PowerBook

Issue No. 52 ~ September, 2001

Yesterday, as I was considering how to begin my review of The PowerBook, a friend spotted the book on my coffee table. “Jeanette Winterson!” she exclaimed. “She’s a great writer.” I agreed, and we got …

Provinces of Night

Issue No. 50 ~ July, 2001

A man nearing the end of a murderous quest — to hunt down and kill his wife’s lover — pauses on the brink of action. He can carry out the plan he’s made, he realizes, …

The Guest From the Future

Issue No. 47 ~ April, 2001

The Guest from the Future is a difficult book to classify. It comprises a goodly amount of literary criticism, and the bulk of the work focuses on the life of Anna Akhmatova, yet the author …

Love, etc.

Issue No. 46 ~ March, 2001

I…deal in subjective truth–so much more real, and more reliable, than the other sort… Julian Barnes is, on the evidence of his novels, a man obsessed. For while his books assume different forms and deal …

The Years with Laura Díaz

Issue No. 45 ~ February, 2001

Not long after the publication of her novel The Years, Virginia Woolf attempted to explain the book to a friend. “[W]hat I meant,” she wrote, “was to give a picture of society as a whole; …

Jim the Boy

Issue No. 42 ~ November, 2000

Earley writes with enviable confidence and laid-back style. His sentences are superbly crafted, full of vivid imagery and well-chosen detail, yet they flow with an easy grace, carrying the reader along...