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L. Shapley Bassen's "Portrait of a Giant Squid" was the First Place winner in the 2015 Austin Chronicle Short Story Contest. She was Fiction Editor for till cessation of publication after 6 yrs], 2014 author of Summer of the Long Knives (Typhoon Media), Lives of Crime & Other Stories (Texture Press), and 2017novella/story collection, Showfolk & Stories [Inkception Books]. She was a finalist for the 2011 Flannery O’Connor Award, was a 1st reader for Electric Literature, won the 2009 APP Drama Prize and a Mary Roberts Rinehart Fellowship, and is poetry/fiction reviewer for Brooklyner, The Rumpus, and others.


The Sand Octopus

Issue No. 251 ~ April, 2018

Rei: universal energy outside all living things, the highest spiritual consciousness, God’s energy. Rei energy has a frequency of 7200 cps (cycles per second) or above.   “If you set a story in 1320, Europe, you’ve got to know that in 28 years, bubonic plague …