account_circle by JP Miller
JP Miller is a disabled veteran, writer and journalist. He has published fiction and non-fiction in magazines and journals such as The Southern Cross Review, The Literary Yard, The Greanville Post, Cyrano's Journal, Countercurrents, and Pravda. He lives in the Outer Banks of North Carolina beside the Atlantic Ocean.


Third Tour Nightmares

Issue No. 216 ~ May, 2015

Waking up was not an easy thing to do. There are stages to waking from a drug-induced sleep. First, I could hear. Then, I could feel. Then, I could see. And, then I could think. I remembered the dream and cried a little, just a whimper that turned into the moaning sound.

Manana, Maria

Issue No. 208 ~ September, 2014

She was just tall enough that she could rest against my shoulder and the top of her head reach my chin. Her skin was a cinnamon color—a flavor.