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Citrus County

Issue No. 163 ~ December, 2010

Described by one critic as “Southern Gothic goes to middle school,” Citrus County, like its Gulf Coast namesake, feels both alien and alarmingly familiar. Brandon, who grew up just

First, Do No Harm

Issue No. 162 ~ November, 2010

Knife Music, the title of David Carnoy’s debut novel, refers to the soundtrack surgeons choose to accompany their own performance in the operating room. This medical thriller opens like a scene from one of the better episodes of ER.

Sh*t My Dad Says

Issue No. 159 ~ August, 2010

What followed is nothing short of publishing history, as Halpern went from zero Twitter followers to a book deal with HarperCollins in less than two months. But that’s a topic for another story...

Hints and Allegations: poems by Amanda J. Bradley

Issue No. 159 ~ August, 2010

Hints and Allegations, Poems by Amanda J. Bradley. NYQ Books. New York, 2009. 74 pages. $14.95. The feisty and assertive nature of the unnamed protagonist in many of Amanda J. Bradley’s poems is as compelling …


Issue No. 158 ~ July, 2010

Roberto Bolaño’s final novel 2666, released posthumously, is a sprawling literary tome. It’s the kind of work that possesses a staggering amount of angles, gliding through time periods, characters, both widespread and intimate violence, sexuality, and Bolaño’s expertise, the imagining and dismantling of artists.

In the Company of Angels: A Novel

Issue No. 155 ~ April, 2010

Thomas E. Kennedy’s In the Company of Angels : A Novel is an elegy to the human heart. It begins on the couch of a Copenhagen psychiatrist treating a Chilean torture victim, Bernardo Greene.

Reconsidering Thomas Williams

Issue No. 155 ~ April, 2010

The Hair of Harold Roux is a densely layered novel, but despite the metafictional elements in play, Irving’s characterization of Williams as “a wonderfully old-fashioned writer…that dinosaur among contemporary writers of fiction, an actual storyteller,” is sound. These qualities are in fact the foundation of my regard for Thomas Williams.

The Death of Bunny Munro By Nick Cave

Issue No. 149 ~ October, 2009

"The Death of Bunny Munro should carry an EXPLICIT warning too, but the provocative cover art may similarly protect readers from being too surprised. Ironically, it's the depth - not the in-your-face shallowness - of the book that is the real jack in the box."

The Other

Issue No. 149 ~ October, 2009

"The present volume celebrates Dana's age — in all its meanings — with simple reminiscences delivered with gravity and grace, the poems' speakers conversationally guiding us through recollections when on the beach, in the mountains, abroad in Europe and, his favorite setting, around his Iowa home...."