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The House Rules of the American Short Story

Issue No. 49 ~ June, 2001

If you follow these rules, you are guaranteed to produce an American Short Story Masterpiece. Begin with both feet on the ground. Grab the reader by the throat and don’t let go until they are gasping for breath or pass out. Clearly identify in your …

Rules of Torture

Issue No. 42 ~ November, 2000

Writing is serious play, but it is most certainly play. Dare yourself to do something in your work that you've never done before.

Two Truths and a Lie

Issue No. 34 ~ March, 2000

Doing the ten exercises below will improve your sex life. The ten exercises below can be used to teach writing students, or you can use them yourself to generate fresh ideas for poems, stories, or essays. I owe many thanks to the dozens of professional …

Swiveling My Hips through the Interbunk

Issue No. 32 ~ January, 2000

Like early cinematography, hypertext is a complex art form with an emerging set of rules and conventions. These conventions are so new they defy most attempts to exhaustively describe them...

How-To : An Example

Issue No. 13 ~ June, 1998

1. ha! I like this a lot 2. The first phrase may not be needed. 3. As clever as it is, I’m trying to justify the absence of sentence closures… yes, I think the irony in that works quite well. 4. You know this implies …