perm_identity From the Editor Archives

Beneath the Surface

Issue No. 123 ~ August, 2007

"As I read Bigger Than Life, I was immersed on two levels, Lenney's story, and then also my identification, my associate feelings about similar emotions which were triggered by what Lenney went through."

Forget About the Gaps

Issue No. 116 ~ January, 2007

"...I remembered many so-called do's and don'ts of resumes, but in reality, I'm not sure any truly applied in real life experience. Still, what do I know, I'm not sure I ever made it past a human resources department in my life to get on to the next stage in the hierarchical interviewing process, forget about actually getting the job."

Introductory Ramblings

Issue No. 109 ~ June, 2006

"I wasn't going to write anything but a friend of mine – a real writer, at least in terms of publication, with five novels to his credit – told me that I should, that I should take advantage of the opportunity to let people know more about me as I continue with my efforts to keep PIF going and making it even better."

Piffing Again

Issue No. 96 ~ May, 2005

Derek spent an energizing weekend at the Vancouver AWP Conference making new friends for Pif. I am so glad he did.