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Kelle Groom

Kelle Groom

Issue No. 194 ~ July, 2013

Kelle Groom (http://www.kellegroom.com) is the author of the memoir, I Wore the Ocean in the Shape of a Girl (Free Press/Simon & Schuster 2011), which was a Barnes & Noble Discover Great Writers pick, as well as a New York Times Book Review Editor's Choice selection, a Library Journal Best Memoir of 2011, a Barnes & Noble Book of the Month, an Oxford American Editor's Pick, and Oprah.com O Magazine selection.

Tom Haney

Issue No. 193 ~ June, 2013

Pif's June Artist Interview features Tom Haney, a creator of figurative kinetic artwork, called automata. His artistic process is incredibly involved, yet his clarity in providing details will attract, inspire, and entertain. His creations, both delicate and hypnotic, are sure to amaze.

Clifford Brooks

Issue No. 192 ~ May, 2013

Charles Clifford Brooks III, a true poet from the Georgia landscape, has been published in The Dead Mule, Eclectica, Gloom Cupboard, Red Fez, Zygote in My Coffee, and The Cartier Street Review, just to name some.

Ani Gjika

Issue No. 191 ~ April, 2013

Ani Gjika was born and raised in Albania, before moving to the United States with her parents at the age of 18 and studying poetry at Simmons College and Boston University.

Charles Baxter

Issue No. 191 ~ April, 2013

Charles Baxter is the author of Gryphon: New and Selected Stories, released in paperback by Vintage Contemporaries in February of 2012, as well as five novels. His novels include The Feast of Love (2000), nominated for the National Book Award, The Soul Thief (2008), Saul and Patsy (2003), Shadow Play (1993), and First Light (1987).

Eve Bridburg

Issue No. 190 ~ March, 2013

Eve Bridburg is the Executive Director of Grub Street in Boston, an independent center for creative writing, dedicated to proving an innovative, rigorous, and welcoming community for writers to create their best work, find an audience, and elevate the literary arts for all.

Lee Martin

Issue No. 190 ~ March, 2013

Lee Martin is the author of the novel, The Bright Forever (Broadway; Reprint edition, April 4, 2006), a Pulitzer Prize Finalist, and three other novels, including Break the Skin (Broadway; Reprint edition, April 7, 2009). His other novels are River of Heaven (Broadway; Reprint edition, April 7, 2008) and Quakertown.(Plume, 2001).

Susan Tepper

Issue No. 189 ~ February, 2013

Susan Tepper (http;//www.susantepper.com/) is the author of From the Umberplatzen, published by Wilderness Press in 2012, and Deer & Other Stories (Wilderness Press, 2009), in which most of the stories take place on Long Island or are connected to the Island, where Tepper was raised.

C.W. Moss

Issue No. 189 ~ February, 2013

C.W. Moss is a rare breed with a bright future. Author and illustrator of the popular Unicorn Being a Jerk is gearing up for the launch of his sequel and anxious to tell Pif all …

Okla Elliott

Issue No. 188 ~ January, 2013

Okla Elliott, author of the story collection, From a Crooked Timber (Press 53, 2011), is the Illinois Distinguished Fellow at the University of Illinois, where he works in the fields of comparative literature and trauma studies.