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Tom Stayed, Tom Left

Issue No. 226 ~ March, 2016

She scoots closer to me on the couch and puts her hand on my hand and rests her chin on my shoulder. This is new for her and it took no small amount of therapy to get her here. She knows I need it, this sort of affection, and she’s trying so hard and for that I appreciate her. There’s no way to tell her how forced it feels. I smile in her direction then lean forward to drink the rest of my wine, taking my hand away as I do it.

Cider Mill

Issue No. 225 ~ February, 2016

    “Beth, that was foolish, love,” Peter said. His hands gripped her waist tightly, and she allowed him to guide her back into the carriage safely. “I was fine,” she said. “Look.” She showed him her prize, a freshly picked red apple, still wet …


Issue No. 225 ~ February, 2016

I’m driving. The rain is pounding out of a black sky, hard as stones. It’s spattering on the hood, and I’m driving. All-but invisible, wisps of steam rise where the cold droplets meet the transferred heat of the engine. I hit the lip of the …

A Tame Horse is a Cruel Thing

Issue No. 225 ~ February, 2016

“I told you we should’ve gotten the other one,” she whispered in the dark, her voice sharp and flat. “What’s the point in saving, like what, 200 pounds, when we end up having to spend the entire holiday with this shit?” He said nothing. In …

Lost Is Found

Issue No. 225 ~ February, 2016

Lizzie Barrett lost her mother when she was only sixteen. Or at least that was the way everyone told it to each other. “Poor girl,” Lizzie overheard Sister Patricia whisper to Mother Superior Catherine Boyle as she sat crying outside the principal’s office, waiting for …

Locked Up

Issue No. 225 ~ February, 2016

“I killed a man, Father. I killed him and I chopped him up.” It was the first, and last, time Jack had asked to speak to the prison chaplain. In a minimum security facility like this one, not many inmates requested to speak to the …

she tells you her sister just died

Issue No. 225 ~ February, 2016

She pours you a glass of red wine and tells you her sister just died. You’re surprised, shocked, you ask her how? Hit by a car, she says as she puts on some music. Just like that. Walking to a job interview, wearing her favorite …

Death Seat

Issue No. 224 ~ January, 2016

Juanita sits at her vanity table pressing a long strip of toilet paper to her hair. Tilting her head to the side, I watch her pull a couple of bobby pins free from the several pressed between her lips and clip the piece flat against …

Big Dreams in a Small Room

Issue No. 224 ~ January, 2016

The room I grew up in was a walk-in closet with enough room for a twin bed, a dresser, a small wooden desk and chair, and a skinny metal armoire that no longer had a hanger bar because it rusted off. The floor was uneven …


Issue No. 224 ~ January, 2016

I was sitting on a park bench. No, I wasn’t eyeing little girls with bad intent. I was reading a novel because the movie version comes out in a couple of weeks. Kate Winslet is going to be in it. She’s a good actor. I …