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National Cake

Issue No. 175 ~ December, 2011

My mother had said we should be careful how we moved about in Ama, because the bad men were on rampage. Every mother sang it like a song to their children.


Issue No. 174 ~ November, 2011

I lay in the center of the nest with the women curled on their sides around me like mother cats and every night they woke me up and carried me to the tub, which was always full with tepid water.

Fire Before Ash

Issue No. 174 ~ November, 2011

We stop. It’s at least ninety degrees outside and we are at an impasse. There is a boy in the road. He is wearing a puffy black coat. Gaines is silent, always silent. James speaks up, Jandi, Ogoff terra amie. He yells and raises his gun.

All the Useless Things

Issue No. 174 ~ November, 2011

Robin thinks of going to work. Phones his office and tells them he’s sick. They try to sound understanding. Say they hope he’s feeling better by tomorrow. But both he and they are bored with this game.

A Trip to Disneyland

Issue No. 173 ~ October, 2011

Today a man drove by when I was on my bike near the bus stop on Elmridge Drive and shouted ‘Hey Paki! Go back where you came from!’ I yelled ‘stupid’ as loud as I could.

The Art of Jealousy

Issue No. 173 ~ October, 2011

“One, two, three, four, five.” She counted the ribs leading from her collarbone to her sternum with her index finger. “Five ribs above the line. You always want five, if possible six.” She dropped her cigarette in the toilet and startled Lilly by unbuttoning her shirt. She counted Lillie’s ribs too. “One, two, three.”


Issue No. 172 ~ September, 2011

He never has either but he doesn’t tell her that. He pulls his own bathing suit down and guides her hand. She just holds it. They look at each other, then quickly away, to their mothers at the top of the bluff.

A Meanness in this World

Issue No. 172 ~ September, 2011

She’d make it to the grassy island in the middle of the road just before the vehicle sped by. She had been playing this game more often lately, including at night. She challenged her timing more each time, cutting things closer and closer.


Issue No. 171 ~ August, 2011

Then she dreamed she was in the yard again, and the wind swept across it and blew down a rain that grew the grass as quick and high as buckwheat, and bowed it low.

The Death of Caesar

Issue No. 171 ~ August, 2011

RC kicked back with an Iron City Beer, listened to all this hog talk from beneath his mop of ratty hair. His eyes never settled and were always peering in from just outside the local time.