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Ole Ned

Issue No. 230 ~ July, 2016

The release chopper hovered over abandoned land, near former Philadelphia. Lucias listened to the count of the crew chief, “three,” “two,” “godspeed,” and slid out the rear hatch with a bearing of one-eighty. Twenty-two hundred hours, no moon. He flew a Powered Stealth Glider, preferred …

The Wallet

Issue No. 229 ~ June, 2016

Donny sat in Ms. Trisler’s 4th grade class and drew the things he wanted most for Christmas. Each classmate took their turn in front of a cloudy chalkboard, construction paper in hand. They smiled and held their color-penciled wants to their chests like Honor Roll …

Finding Matthew

Issue No. 229 ~ June, 2016

Mother was in tears and had been for days since Matt’s disappearance. What she hadn’t known were the real reasons why he had left in the first place. Isaac knew and kept his thoughts to himself, knowing that if he opened his mouth, his mother …

The Actors

Issue No. 228 ~ May, 2016

October. The slap of the blue sky overhead. Orange leaves ran along the pavement, chased by red. They crunched under the beefy soles of my school shoes; they scudded across the black leather, itching to scratch the cracked black plastic. Yet never getting there, nature …

Strange Medicine

Issue No. 228 ~ May, 2016

“We often put the old ways to work for cases like this, especially when we don’t get the results we want from other strategies.” He means when what they thought would work doesn’t. He put took his hands from the pockets of his white coat …

Mr. and Mrs. Schlossman’s Piece of Fish

Issue No. 228 ~ May, 2016

After Mendel Schlossman returned from the hospital, where he’d been treated for the food poisoning he contracted at his retirement party, he and his wife invited me over for dinner. This was a very nice gesture, especially considering I’d been in charge of the party. …

Out to Pasture

Issue No. 227 ~ April, 2016

On his last day of work, Ben Warner woke up early, an hour ahead of the sun. As usual, he was glad to be awake, relieved to be alive, to feel his heart beating, lungs filling and emptying, his mind gradually emerging from a dream. …

Performance Anxiety

Issue No. 227 ~ April, 2016

They make you believe that what you’re seeing is real. That the person you’re seeing is the person they actually are. For a performance to work, you need to feel like you’re seeing a real person experiencing real life: feeling real sensations, real emotions. Their …


Issue No. 227 ~ April, 2016

This faint noise I can’t place sounds in the back yard. Chy-shyun, goes the sound. When I go out I find my son digging a hole. The sun shines down on him, his torso bare and shining with sweat. Sand caked with perspiration into mud …

Speed Limit Twenty

Issue No. 226 ~ March, 2016

He always encouraged her to take pride in their small two-bedroom apartment. He'd tell her people in mansions were in mansions because they knew how to take care of themselves and they deserved to take care of the expensive marble in their foyer. He'd say, "People in messy trailers belong there. Of course they're not successful. They can't even take care of a tiny little single-wide." She was proud of the life they made.