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Bus Stop

Issue No. 100 ~ September, 2005

She's homeless. Probably crazy. She presses further into the only available seat four rows behind the driver; the other occupant presses closer to the window, stares out as if it was actually open and wafting clean air in.

The Line

Issue No. 95 ~ April, 2005

He tried to figure out why they were putting him through this routine. Why else, if not to embarrass? He'd just have to show them that he could walk a line with the best.

Rapunzel’s Mustache

Issue No. 66 ~ November, 2002

It is not passion that tugs so fiercely on Rapunzel's upper lip, but another form of desire. As the prince approaches, Rapunzel steps back into the shadows.

Rasputin’s Dog

Issue No. 66 ~ November, 2002

Through the pine groves, past the mown corn, down to the river bank the children gathered every day after school, with sticks hoping to see the dog. The river bed was nearly dry in deep autumn, with the leaves almost fallen from the sparse trees …

Family Life

Issue No. 65 ~ October, 2002

The bathroom door closes slowly–the triangle of harsh light thins to gray as my lover shuts himself in. Only seconds before, Ralph whispered in my ear as I lay beside my son on the hotel bed watching a rerun of Miami Vice. I felt the …

The Savoy Bar and Social Club

Issue No. 65 ~ October, 2002

I walk down the street – my eyes feel swollen, my lips are raw. I’m accosted by secretaries on their way to lunch, delivery men unloading boxes, babies in strollers pushed by nannies. Each person I pass stares though me. They see the strappy black …

Fourth of July

Issue No. 52 ~ September, 2001

I’m on the lawn at the Veterans Home. Families wait, anticipating the routine in heaven — a wad of sparks, red-blue-white-yellow-blue-white-red, bop-bop-bop, and the shirr-rr of whistles. One little green beret, dead drunk, asks for part of my blanket. How can I refuse him as …


Issue No. 50 ~ July, 2001

It was a time when vegetation grew at an astounding rate. We trudged home through waist-high weeds, blinded by dandelion fuzz. Ivy slithered up the walls as we watched. Leaves slipped under screens and pressed against the glass like human hands. We slept. We woke …