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Issue No. 205 ~ June, 2014

I remember her begging me to help her up, her saying, "I'm sorry. I am. Really. Don't look at me like that."

Inside Out

Issue No. 204 ~ May, 2014

Dad’s dagger collection? Too dangerous. Dad’s digital camera? We need something less complicated.

Mrs. Harrow and the Tour du Freaque

Issue No. 200 ~ January, 2014

Mrs. Harrow informs me over pot roast that she has always wanted to be a Deadhead. Odd that she never mentioned it during twenty years of marriage. Mrs. Harrow has always seemed content; we live comfortably with our two cats, Pussy and Dick, the latter …

Jingle Sweat Bleed

Issue No. 198 ~ November, 2013

Nothing sexier than watching someone masticate with their mouth open, saliva resinous and burning, turning to chalky grey rubber and an aching jaw


Issue No. 193 ~ June, 2013

The boy immersed his hands into the sea of buttons, enjoying the feel of them crawling up between his fingers.


Issue No. 190 ~ March, 2013

It’s been happening daily and I pray he doesn’t do this in front of my girlfriend or parents.