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Jingle Sweat Bleed

Issue No. 198 ~ November, 2013

Nothing sexier than watching someone masticate with their mouth open, saliva resinous and burning, turning to chalky grey rubber and an aching jaw


Issue No. 193 ~ June, 2013

The boy immersed his hands into the sea of buttons, enjoying the feel of them crawling up between his fingers.


Issue No. 190 ~ March, 2013

It’s been happening daily and I pray he doesn’t do this in front of my girlfriend or parents.


Issue No. 189 ~ February, 2013

I apply mint jelly—that gives the lamb a snap of freshness.


Issue No. 188 ~ January, 2013

He wondered how far the trail went. He was out where he had never been, where the tall marsh grass grew up everywhere and the pines stood behind the marsh on the ridge.

My Russian Roommate

Issue No. 187 ~ December, 2012

When I return to the room, she is in bed. I slip under my ivory quilt and switch off the light. My stomach growls for food. In order to avoid the Russian, I spent the entire evening across the street at a friend’s place.

Any Filling Station

Issue No. 187 ~ December, 2012

The guy's left leg kind of wiggling while he scratched. Didn't seem like a nervous wiggle or a wiggle because of pain, just a wiggle, just something the guy did.