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Blizzard of ’56

Issue No. 181 ~ June, 2012

She is near me now, the Mayor’s Wife. It is her hair I smell - fresh flowers and fruits. She is as silent as the snow that holds us, packs us in.

On the Spon-Com Circuit

Issue No. 181 ~ June, 2012

Struck down by subatomic particles in subatomic nuclear explosions leading to: yes, internal fireball. This the fate of Aunt Claire, who once yelled at me for pulling her dog’s tail.


Issue No. 179 ~ April, 2012

The back roads echoed inside her stripped bare minivan: no carpet, no rubber, no foam; loud and tinny, fume free, safe for Birdie.

New Mexico

Issue No. 176 ~ January, 2012

He does this easy. Calm. He takes a minute to let the jitters pass. Crosses his arms. Stands up straight. Slow, deep breaths.


Issue No. 175 ~ December, 2011

“Who’s ready for dessert?” she calls as she barges through the saloon doors with five glasses on a tray, oblivious to the scarlet flush that tips her daughter’s ears.