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New Mexico

Issue No. 176 ~ January, 2012

He does this easy. Calm. He takes a minute to let the jitters pass. Crosses his arms. Stands up straight. Slow, deep breaths.


Issue No. 175 ~ December, 2011

“Who’s ready for dessert?” she calls as she barges through the saloon doors with five glasses on a tray, oblivious to the scarlet flush that tips her daughter’s ears.

General’s Burial

Issue No. 173 ~ October, 2011

The town pleaded with the Lord, but the sand began to take their towers. One story at a time, the towers sank into the ground. No one knew why.


Issue No. 172 ~ September, 2011

Across the boulevard there were still old buildings. An elderly woman appeared and threw a bucket of steaming water at the pavement. He crossed the boulevard and realized she was scrubbing excrement.


Issue No. 171 ~ August, 2011

I never run on release; I duck and cover. This is how I was taught to handle emergency situations like earthquakes and nuclear attacks in elementary school.


Issue No. 171 ~ August, 2011

It wasn’t ‘til late that night after he got hit that I decided on bringing Sidney back to life. I’d been playing around with the idea my whole life – cutting worms into two pieces and watching them wriggle on both ends like a magic trick God come up with just for me.


Issue No. 170 ~ July, 2011

She went back to the bedroom where the man was still in the bed. She told him she was ready to go now, and then she folded him up neatly and put him into the bag too.