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Africa, By Now

Issue No. 170 ~ July, 2011

Had she no memory of machetes and warlords, of petty thieves with missing arms, Rhoda would not have understood the meaning of the question, “Short sleeves or long sleeves?”


Issue No. 169 ~ June, 2011

Owen turns off the TV and runs upstairs. I hear water running. I look at the ceiling. I look at my watch. I take a few more sips from my cup.

Kyla Kyla, Persephone

Issue No. 169 ~ June, 2011

I thought maybe she was fooling, but then I tapped my finger on her collarbone and for some reason, right then, I knew something wasn’t right, so I ran and knocked on the nearest door but nobody answered.

The Queen Rides Again

Issue No. 169 ~ June, 2011

He was looking at us both with leery-beery eyes, and then suddenly he was slinging Daisy over his shoulder and running down the length of the porch with her screaming, bellowing like a calf.

The Crunch

Issue No. 168 ~ May, 2011

Locked in the reversal of time, Marcella cannot create anything new; she cannot scrawl into the desk fresh wounds that shout "make me old, make me old, make me old!"

The Good Night

Issue No. 168 ~ May, 2011

I heard him walking into things. I heard something drop and shatter, I heard running water, and cupboards. I heard him open the door to the bathroom and I heard the hinges of my mom's door, then something soft but heavy hit the floor.

Answers for Are Muffin Tops Collapsible?

Issue No. 168 ~ May, 2011

If you fall in love you’d have a relationship like Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. Arguing at first, then he would gradually become gentle and kiss you just like he were eating sugar cream pie.


Issue No. 167 ~ April, 2011

The bones in her hands healed. We went to the hospital and the doctor removed the splints. He examined her hands and did tests, took x-rays. It was miraculous, he said. Her hands were in perfect shape.


Issue No. 167 ~ April, 2011

I spend my time imagining my husband's breathing: the symphony of energy expended by his body and bones and the universal sound of the heart pumping blood, the heart doing what the heart actually does.

Sleep of Reason

Issue No. 166 ~ March, 2011

Dad’s home! one of them would shout, and the others would squeal in nervous panic. Plucked from their fantasies, the three of them melded into one entity: the kids.