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Issue No. 165 ~ February, 2011

By noon we are wasted and the music thumps and Maureen's cake is gutted in the center of my dining room table. I am tempted to tell my neighbors to go home

Good Fences

Issue No. 164 ~ January, 2011

He handed her the medicine and they sat down. After she lit one she handed it to him. She only ever let him take a couple puffs because she was afraid his mother would stop bringing


Issue No. 164 ~ January, 2011

"Nothing would be the same," I lamented. "You have certain periods in your life that are very good, and you should have been happier, but by the time you realize that, they're gone"


Issue No. 164 ~ January, 2011

“One hundred and twelve degrees! It’s just unbelievable out there!” she said.

A Full Boil

Issue No. 163 ~ December, 2010

But this night, turnips were her concern, not Allison. “Carrots would be easy,” she grumbled to Warren, “but what could be more hateful than a turnip?”


Issue No. 163 ~ December, 2010

My doctor’s hands felt large, cold. The genius confirmed my blindness, and postulated on shock, senility, psychosis. He and my daughter went on to talk about the big freeze forecast.

A Cloud

Issue No. 163 ~ December, 2010

I plant my feet on the wet-clam ribbing of the shower floor and point my nose towards the nozzle, enjoying the peroxide sting of the water as it collects in my sinuses and chokes me gently.


Issue No. 161 ~ October, 2010

They walked past those houses whose lots are so small the yards are mostly cars: whose tenants keep their tiny lawns with ancient blades exhibiting their age in the protesting swirls of clippings, in chipping-off paint.

Ruined for All Other Men

Issue No. 161 ~ October, 2010

While she prayed, Christa heard organ music - the sound of a hundred unrelated sounds forcibly coupled together. Behind shut eyelids she registered white blurry hums from the altar candles.