reviewed by Richard Luck

Published in Issue No. 8 ~ July, 1997

Let The Liars Know You Live

Hotday 002 is a collection of short stories and poetry that is not, by any means of the imagination, timid. The work here is raw and real; gritty enough to grind your teeth on. Featuring writers Victor Saunders, Shelly Jacobs, Anton Rashad, and Rebecca Gilley, this collection is on the cutting edge of fiction.

Opening with Ourboy, you know from the get-go that this is not going to be a smooth ride down a cherry-lined avenue.

“All those standing around, gawking; excited by the desperate guy’s need for cash; watch with horror as he wrenches a ring from the gold encrusted hand and runs down the street.
And if you land on poverty’s soil, you’ll go crazy too…”

Following Ourboy’s lead, Hotday 002 takes off running and never stops. Contains Water (previously published in Pif), Storytime, Edges, Routine 1996, Ever Turning Circle, and Spoil.

A fine afternoon’s read, this is a must-have. Thirty-three pages in length, it’s not overwhelming. This is the type of chapbook you take to the coffeeshop on a Sunday afternoon and pass around to your friends. It’s that good.

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