reviewed by Richard Luck

Published in Issue No. 12 ~ May, 1998

ChickClick is the home hub of each of the zines reviewed in this issue. So, before we begin it’s only fair to warn you – this co-op/commune is looking to score some serious advertising dollars, so don’t be surprised if you find the same framed layout, with the same (strangely) non-girlie adverts at the bottom of the screen. (Jeeze – you’d think a zine co-op with the motto “Girl sites that don’t fake it.” would be hip for some pro-gyn advertising – but every ad I saw dealt was run of the mill stuff: long-distance service, online stock brokers – I think there was even one in there for tires??!.) Where’s NOW when you need the big bucks?

Also, I didn’t dig too deeply, but I’d swear the group has a bylaw that demands each zine editor contract out their graphics work to the same artist. There is a definite feel to each of these zines – almost camp in their hyper-popness. At times I felt like I was surfing back and forth within the same zine. Only the text had changed – and not much, either. In a weird, cybernetic way, it was like cruizing through a surrealistic cul-de-sac. Did you ever see Edward Scissorhands?

Okay, that said, let’s get on with the show:

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Richard Luck is the Founder and Technical Director for Pif Magazine.