import_contacts Disgruntled Housewife

reviewed by Richard Luck

Published in Issue No. 12 ~ May, 1998

I hate to admit it, but I loved this zine. Disgruntled Housewife is to online publishing what Mad was to cartooning. It’s refreshing, honest, open – and wholly irreverent.

Nikol Lohr must spend 20 hours a day writing, because this site is packed with lucid musings on everything from sin and sex, to cocktails and work. Of particular note is the “Naked” series – several articles Nikol wrote on the subject of nudity and the effect her father’s Playboys had on her vision of herself as a young girl. Also on this site is an article titled “Working for the Man,” which is a list of devious things you can do to alienate yourself from you employer and your fellow peon employees.

Disgruntled Housewife, however, is most widely known as being the home of The Dick List.

The Dick List has a two-fold purpose, according to Lohr:

“1) promoting girly solidarity through bile-spewing; and

2) reminding us that certain guys were real dicks (which seems obvious, except that at one time or another, due to liquor or just plain bad judgment, it seems like every man on the dick list ended up in the house while his name was still on the list . . . sometimes the libido overpowers common sense. . . .). ”

If you’re one of the uninitiated, here’s a sample reading for, say, John L.:

“He’s a 30-year old woman-abusing living-off-of-momma’s-money $6-an-hour-job-losing 900-number-calling cheating lying cowardly and generally worthless son of a bitch who won’t leave somebody alone once he gets his hooks into her-no matter HOW much of momma’s money it takes.”

Get the point?

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