book Cash

reviewed by Denise Turney

Published in Issue No. 13 ~ June, 1998

Johnny Cash’s singing career spans four decades. Known as “The Man in Black”, at sixty-six years old, Johnny Cash has become a living legend, an icon. He is one of country music most beloved entertainers. Yet, he sings and masters a variety of musical styles: country, folk, gospel and rock. It is no wonder that he was inducted into the Songwriter’s Country Music and Rock and Roll Halls of Fame among other numerous awards (too many to name) he has received.

In his latest autobiography simply titled Cash, Johnny takes his readers and his legend of fans into the heart of a man – Johnny Cash. He writes candidly about the demons he has wrestled with. He writes openly about his struggles with addiction, alcohol and narcotics. He writes about the days he spent recording at Sun Records and the times he shared with the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley. Readers will know why and how he was fired from the Grand Ole Opry. They will travel with him while he performs on the road. They will be strengthened while they witness Johnny’s life-saving spiritual awakening.

In Cash, Johnny sets the record straight on more than a few issues. He makes it clear that he never served jail time. His fans will discover the background events for the creation of many of his songs, songs that go into the heart of America, songs that millions of country music fans have treasured and enjoyed for four decades. True Johnny Cash fans and all music lovers, will find out what happened on Cinnamon Hill, Johnny and June Cash’s Jamaican estate, the night they were robbed at gunpoint.

Most of all, readers will come away from Cash feeling as if they have been sitting on the sofa next to Johnny while he vacationed on Cinnamon Hill or down South in Tennessee. Cash reads as if Johnny were talking with a group of friends. He connects with each of his readers in a way only a man who’s lived through many tragedies, met a lifetime of challenges and known great success can. For those who seek a good book to read, for those who want to get know a giant of a man, Cash doesn’t disappoint

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