import_contacts Glimmer Train

reviewed by Kimberly Villalba Wright

Published in Issue No. 13 ~ June, 1998

Now, for a little bit of fluff, may I present Glimmer Train? Sleek and stylish, this zine does nothing more than pimp for its print version. For all the care the editors take with the appearance of this zine, you’d think they’d have the heart to give us a little bit more than a tease.

Upon reaching the index, it seems that there is a lot of reading material to be had at Glimmer Train, the internet version. The table of contents is full, yes, but of very little that’s worthwhile. Crafty as they are, they have an Advice Q&A manned by (surprise) an author whose works appears in Glimmer Train, the print version. They have list upon list of prize winners from contests, but not one sample of any of their works. Finally, just when you think you’re actually going to see some literature, you see the sample they’ve provided. It’s not even a morsel, just a paltry paragraph, one smidgen from each author.

What teasers these heathens are. Couldn’t they give us just one story? Just a small one, maybe, if we asked nicely? It’s a zine with such high quality graphics, if only it had content to match.

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Kimberly Villalba Wright was born in Hollywood, Florida, and has spent most of her life in Mobile, Alabama. She earned a BA in English at the University of South Alabama in 1997. Her poetry has appeared in the Epiphany, Arrowsmith, Doggerel, Dicat Libre, El Locofoco, as well as Poetry Café. This fall, Wright will begin working toward an MFA in creative Writing at the University of Memphis. Wright currently resides in Kennett, Missouri.