Woman in Motion #1 Richard deGaris Doble Art Work

palette Woman in Motion #1

by Richard deGaris Doble

Published in Issue No. 18 ~ November, 1998

“Woman in Motion #1”
© 1993 Richard deGaris Doble


The “Woman in Motion” series was on exhibit at the Greenville Museum of Art, Greenville, NC (1995) and is currently part of the Orlando Museum of Art: Digital Americana Exhibit – Art+Technology 98.

The Woman in Motion series can be found online at http://www.clis.com/savvynews/exhibit/

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Richard deGaris Doble has been a professional and exhibiting photographer for 30 years. He has a Master's Degree in Communications and has worked with computers for over 15 years. More of Richard deGaris Doble's artwork can be found in the artist's online gallery.