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by Richard Luck

Published in Issue No. 44 ~ January, 2001

Pif is leading “THE NEXT WAVE” (Yahoo! Internet
) of literary publication online. We’re seeking original work
from established and emerging fiction writers, poets, essayists, interviewers,
and reviewers.

Pif Magazine‘s Pay Scale for Writers

We are currently not paying for unsolicited works accepted for publication.
We hope to do so in the future, so please check back.

Rights Acquired

Authors of previously unpublished, unsolicited work (“Work”) accepted
for publication grant to Pif Magazine, throughout the world:

  • the full term of the copyright of the work
  • the exclusive right to publish the Work, which right shall last for sixty
    (60) days after initial publication in Pif Magazine

    • Authors shall not permit anyone else to reproduce, transmit, publish,
      display, or use the Work or any portion thereof for any purpose in any
      form or media until the expiration of the exclusivity period
  • after the expiration of the exclusivity period above, Author grans to
    Pif Magazine the non-exclusive right to include the Work in any anthology,
    collection or compilation produced or authorized by Pif Magazine in any
    and all media, whether now known or hereinafter discovered or developed

Rights Retained

After the expiration of the exclusivity period above, all rights to the Work
revert to the Author. For the full term of the copyright of the Work:

  • Pif Magazine may use Author’s name in promoting, advertising, and publicizing
    the publications, information products, and services in which the Work may

  • Pif Magazine may revise the layout, crop, retouch, modify, abridge, edit,
    or augment the Work as needed

  • Pif Magazine may, by itself or through third parties, exercise the rights
    granted in this Agreement

In the event that the Author authorizes the reproduction of the Work, in whole
or in part as permitted under this Agreement, then Pif Magazine shall receive
a prominent credit/ attribution (and copyright credit, if the Work is owned
by Pif Magazine) as follows: “Originally published in Pif Magazine (”.

Submission Response

Due to recent changes in the editorial board here at Pif Magazine, and to the wide popularity of the magazine, we are experiencing an unusually high influx of unsolicited submissions coupled with a tremendous backlog of previously submitted work.

All submissions are personally acknowledged by our editors, but given the volumes we’re dealing with, please allow up to 4 months for a response.

We appreciate your patience!

Issue Deadlines

The deadline for each issue is the 1st of the month prior to publication.
Any submissions received after this date will be filed and not reviewed
until the following month.

Word Length

  • Micro Fiction = less than 1000 words in length
  • Macro Fiction = 1000 to 4000 words in length
  • Poetry = no line or word limit (but no more than 5 poems at once)
  • Reviews = 1000 to 2500 words
  • Interviews = 1200 to 3000 words
  • Essays = 1000 to 4000 words

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Richard Luck is the Founder and Technical Director for Pif Magazine.