import_contacts Both Magazine

reviewed by Tom Hartman

Published in Issue No. 52 ~ September, 2001


In addition to demonstrating that it’s quite possible to make a cool
text-only web page, the homepage of Both magazine, a 1 year-old print
mag out of Alston, MA, that has published work by James Tate, Tomaz
Salamun and Joe Wenderoth among others, also showcases a truly
marvelous sample poem by Michael Lynch, titled “Of All Your Tatoos,
These are My Favorites.” The following is a brief excerpt:

2. Nape of the neck

stippled starfish

naked in an oblong tidepool.

a breathing pulp, baby’s-lip-soft

with the pool drying inward.

your hair a grass fringe

at its dotted edges.

Great stuff. Surf on over to Both for the rest (along with additional
samples from whitney pastorek, Lawrence Upton and others), and keep
your eyes peeled for more work from Lynch.

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Tom Hartman has been a regular contributor to Pif since 1999. He lives in Philadelphia.