portrait Artist Interview: Spotlight on Alina Krasovskaya

by Alina Krasovskaya

Published in Issue No. 245 ~ October, 2017

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I am a first-generation Russian-American from Saint Petersburg and was fortunate enough to move to the United States at a young age, which allowed me to get acclimated with the language and culture in the United States.  The past fifteen years I have lived in Florida, New York and Germany and each of these places helped me discover who I am.  I also traveled during this time and met a lot of inspiring and creative people. While I traveled I worked as a freelance model and curated my passion for painting and drawing.


However, I felt like something was missing.  I wanted substance, a foundation that would ground me.  In 2010, I purchased a century old 3000-sq.-ft. house that became my first of many restoration projects.  I developed a passion for design and architecture, which inspired me to get a formal education so I could pursue design further.  I am currently a third year Interior Architecture and Design student at Florida State University and I absolutely love it!  I have gradually developed technical and creative skills that have helped me harness my artistic abilities.


My passion for art is fairly new and started as a hobby three years ago.  As I was developing a portfolio, my paintings generated interest among friends and family.  Several pieces were commissioned and that gave me the motivation I needed to move forward.  Knowing that my loved ones appreciated my work to display it in their homes is one of my greatest accomplishments. 


I am inspired by emotions such as pain, infatuation or extreme happiness.  My most prized pieces were created from a place of pain caused by the one I loved.  I gravitate towards complex individuals because their dominance inspires me to impress and display my best qualities.  My art is a digital hybrid of my original paintings and sketches.  They are a reflection of my emotional state.  Pain caused by a lover at times is the greatest gift and inspirational to a vulnerable heart.  I express my emotions on canvas through a spectrum of colors while experiencing healing and growth.



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Alina Krasovskaya, a first-generation Russian-American from Saint Petersburg, is a model, artist, and painter.