palette Artist Interview | Spotlight on David Furnal

by David Furnal

Published in Issue No. 253 ~ June, 2018

Baba Yaga: The Hut in the Forest

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Graphic artist and illustrator David Furnal lives in South Florida, but hails originally from San Jose, California. He planted roots in L.A.’s art scene for a time, attending and graduating Art Center College of Design. Here he honed the illustration skills and graphic design savvy that earned him a win in the Writers & Illustrators of the Future Contest in 2017, and helped him see his work featured in Writers of the Future, Volume 33.

His artwork is lighthearted and playful, showcasing above all else a passion for comic-inspired illustration style that has earned him work in game development, web design, concept design, animation and storyboarding. While wistful and whimsical elements are prevalent in his portfolio, there is also, in every piece, a very deliberate and cloying attention to detail that sets Furnal’s work apart. 

While his interview questions might be short and sweet, David’s portfolio speaks for itself. Nonetheless, take a peek at our Q&A with the artist and check out links below to see even more of his body of work.


Who and what are your biggest influences?

 I’m influenced by my wife, who gives me endless support and love, and my son, who is a source of boundless imagination. My parents were also influential in fueling my creativity and supporting me along the way.
Where did you study your craft?
I attended Art Center College of Design, and studied Illustration with an emphasis in Entertainment Art.
And what are you working on now?
I’m working on a few projects for clients developing board games, as well as putting together pieces for my own story that I hope to develop.

What is your personal philosophy, and how is it reflected in your artwork? 

I believe in freedom of intent and expression, and while that is abstract to place in art, it is important to me as I create.
What mediums do you use most often in your work, and what about these draw you in?
I use digital media most often, but also like pen and ink and acrylic paint. I love the feel of traditional mediums but love the possibilities of digital media.
You can keep up with David’s latest works on Instagram @infernaldavid as well as online here.