whatshot Lunar Eclipse : Creative Conundrum

by Jayanta Bhaumik

Published in Issue No. 266 ~ July, 2019

To all my poet and writer friends, to the creatives engaged with anything from painting to sculpting, from choreography to photography, from graphic design to film-making, this is my humble try to elucidate a celestial happening, the Lunar Eclipse and its overall impact upon Creative Faculties.


The Lunar eclipse falls on July 16th/17th, 2019, according to almost all the standard almanacs across the world. I am Vedic; but the pursuits engaged in the combination show the very same planets under all the popular systems, the Moon, the Sun, the North Node, the South Node. An eclipse is a shadowy formation over the combination made through the luminaries, the Moon, and the Sun.

The Moon is your psyche: your supraphysical existence, something that links your physical or palpable body to the eternality through your soul-principle, the “you” deep down of yours, kind of you that you know you have somewhere in you, but cannot register so concretely. It is more than your thirst or hunger or libido or kindness or inspiration or depressive stage or wrath: it is what seems indeterminable.

The real Lunar soliloquy is connected with the Voice of your spirit – your spiritual self – your limitless or shapeless or uncatchable entity. Moonlight is Sunlight. The light that the Moon owns is of the Sun. Thus, the Lunar substantiality in you cannot be signified without the involvement of the Sun, the Sol, the Soul, the Fire, or the Immortal Godhead in you. So, the Supreme Creative Fire of your soul manifests itself through the illusory aspects residing in your mind. Mind is a man; Soul is Godhead, and you shelter both of them through your earthy elaboration called the Life-principle.

The Nodes, North and South, are not celestial bodies but the points made by a comet in respect to the orbital tracks of the Sun and Moon. 

North Node, also called Dragon’s Head or Caput Draconis, is the Alter ego of the Moon. It is “More” of anything and everything: it is the Drama that magnifies the way you see, think, consider or believe. It is an absurd octave of the subjective values, as well as the unbelievable aspect of the objective values. 

South Node, also known as Dragon’s Tail or Cauda Draconis, the concentrated form of all the illusions, all kinds of egos and dimensional extraneousness of life. If North Node is the wingspread of Dramatic Illusions, South Node is its most concrete form; like a black hole with the highest magnetic values.

Let’s now look at these points through the zodiac signs of Gemini and Sagittarius.

When seen through the lenses of the Western Astrology, the Nodes appear on the Cancer-Capricorn axis. But, in the Vedic astrology, we follow the Sidereal system or Fixed Zodiac System, according to which, the Nodes now appear on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis. 

Gemini stands for creative communication, the evergreen fertility, the continual force of intellectual understanding, the essence of life-force commonly called the ceaseless refreshing energy. Gemini consists of two figures, mostly showing the eternally generative system that stops only to begin. It is the natural third house of Zodiacal Wheel. Gemini shows growth or artistic growth, psycho-physiological potentials, and aspirations. 

The other house involved is of Sagittarius. It is a house of what a Hindu Vedic calls Dharma. Dharma is a Sanskrit word that stands for what is needed to act as a Holder: what allows and embraces everything as a part of harmonious synthesis. It is the Holder of Life-principle on earth. To hold the journeying Life-principle, the Super-Intellect or Expansive Force of Wisdom is required. Sagittarius is a house ruled by the planet Jupiter, the planet standing for the highest form of intellect, wisdom, and erudition. It is the natural ninth house of the zodiac, the house of luck, destiny, unseen control, or factors connected with spiritual preplanning. 

All the features mentioned above have an undeniable connection with the creatives: poets, fiction-writers, painters, photographers, designers. In short, people playing with their imaginative originality.

In the days prior and after the eclipse, you might feel as if you should stop writing the way you did till now. If you think so, then somewhere you need to begin anew.

Your talent and creative energy can still grow on so many levels, both externally and internally. You can reach an unusual height of success, or surprise your audience with some unexpected communication; you can discover a new genre or a poetic orientation. 

Communicative Strength and Destiny Factors are the two extreme points of the same axial measure: so, the Lunar Eclipse connected with these two points must create some significant consequential impacts in every person busy doing their creative work.

I will leave you with a warning. There is no logical force to let believe that the creative genres will no more remain the same as before such a celestial event. Nothing is placed here to adduce. Even if something is seen as correctly predicted, it can very much be taken as a coincidence always arranged from the side of a Vaster Reality that is far beyond human calculation.




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Jayanta Bhaumik is basically from the field of metaphysics and Astrology. Poetry is his passion and experiment, his Quest. A Research Member of American Federation of Astrologers Inc., he spends a period in Singapore and other south-east Asian countries every year for his professional assignments. His poems can be found in the recent issues of Poetry Super Highway and Zombie Logic Review.