account_circle by Joe Cappello
Joe Cappello has a special interest in the workplace. His work attempts to shed light on the work environment and why we seem so reluctant to change or work as a team to find creative ways to solve problems. He is excited about his upcoming Chapbook publication of his short story, "The Clean Room", to be published by Blue Cubicle Press in November. Recent publications include: "The Wok-A-Wok Dialogues—Context" (StoryScape Journal) and "40 Acres and a Mouse" (The Oddville Press).



Issue No. 245 ~ October, 2017

Niles Oberlin smiles at the cleaning lady as he pours his morning coffee at the company sink. “I can’t believe that employee of mine did such a stupid thing,” Niles says. The woman smiles and nods. She doesn’t speak English very well and is more …