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Agustin (Austin) Eastwood De Mello lives in Santa Cruz, California. He is a professional writer and author of several books. His poetry has been published in many literary publications including Frogpond, Japanophile, Orphic Lute, Wind, Western Poetry, Florida Arts, and El Coqui. He was an instructor of guitar and writing at the University of California at Santa Barbara. De Mello has performed in concerts with Marlene Dietrich and Miles Davis. He has also produced three LP records and an audiotape of his Flamenco guitar selections.


Midnight Dancer

Issue No. 13 ~ June, 1998

At midnight the guitarist began playing music in a room in his home that had been cleared of any furniture so that the acoustical environment would be ideal. The lights in the room had not been turned on. After performing the music for a short …