account_circle by Andy Aliaga-Mendoza
I'm a fiction writer. I have a Bachelor's in English and Studio Art from the University of Louisville. A lot of my work involves the lives of individuals society tends to push aside and their unique, often times tabooed, situations. I currently have two stories published in Louisville's White Squirrel, a literary arts magazine. I am currently working on a series of short stories involving immigration incorporating magical realism.



Issue No. 232 ~ September, 2016

There are services these days where one can be cremated and grown alongside a bunch of seeds. I like the idea of becoming a tree. I’d like to be a tree somewhere where trees thrive. Where they won’t be chopped down and made into hospital pamphlets. Somewhere that won’t cost you much to fly in from San Francisco. For argument’s sake I didn’t go anywhere from here and it’ll be a grand old reunion.