account_circle by Etan Nechin
Etan Nechin is an Israeli born author and artist currently based in Brooklyn, NY. He has contributed to such publication as Gravel Magazine, MonkeyBicycle, Entropy, Apocrypha and Abstractions The Huffington Post, Mouth London and several other publications in Hebrew. Recently his co-written text, "Utter: The Violent Necessity for the Embodied Presence of Hope", was published as part of the Slovenian pavilion at the 2015 Venice Biennial.


Sketches from a Life of a Police Sketch Artist

Issue No. 218 ~ July, 2015

While the witness was describing the perp, he thought that surely he’ll get caught, sketch or not. All that’s needed is to put a description on the APB: “male, medium size, face like a arch-villain.”

The Dissidents

Issue No. 218 ~ July, 2015

Why are they sitting with their backs to the window? Don’t they know better? Haven’t they read “The Official CIA Manual of Trickery and Deception”? Or is the notion of martyrdom something they are toying with?


Issue No. 218 ~ July, 2015

She was bucktooth and had a face like milk and her hips sang and all the boys wanted to be with Momma, but she didn’t want any of them, and she would run from them and call them lil’ boys, and everybody knew that, but the boys still kept coming.