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Ernie Brill writes fiction and poetry and has published widely in the US and Canada. He is the author of I Looked Over Jordan and Other Stories (Boston: South End Press 1980) and the chapbook "Project Kids" (Toronto: Ice floe Press, 1992). He has published in River Styx, Other Voices, Harbour ( Vancouver) U.f Minnesota Press, Oxford U. Press Prentiss-Hall Canada, Cineaste Magazine. He has an MA in English from San Franisco State College with a Masters on Chester Himes. His favorite writers include Virginia Woolf, Jean Toomer, Mahmoud Darwish, Hyesoon Kim, Daniel Borzutzky, Cynthia Ozick, and Linh Dinh.


The Dream Of A Nothing Special Kid

Issue No. 274 ~ March, 2020

Stuieā€™s always been nothing special. Even he knows, deep down, he is a consistently mediocre kid with straight Cs, not particularly handsome, and so-so in sports. In games, he eventually gets picked, but only after a long time, the kind of player where other kids …