account_circle by Evelyn Sharenov
I'm a graduate of the Hunter College Thomas Hunter Scholar program; I moved from NYC to Portland, OR where I attended the Oregon Health Sciences University and took advanced degrees in psychiatry. After all, writing requires a means for backup income. I've been published in the Bellevue Literary Review, the New York Times, the Dr. TJ Eckleburg Review out of Johns Hopkins University, and a half dozen or so other journals of note. Johns Hopkins Univ. invited me to read my work on their stage. My work has been chosen as notable for Best American Short Stores by and I'm an active member of the NBCC as well as the Pacific Northwest Science Writers Association. I have other passions that keep me going - I'm a pianist and I love animals.


Childhood’s End

Issue No. 281 ~ October, 2020

  We compete for who can launch farthest from the highest arc of the swing, then tussle together and dust off. “I win,” I screech for all the universe to hear. “I’m going to be Colored.” I spin around until I’m so dizzy the sky …