account_circle by Andy Betz
With degrees in Engineering Physics, Chemistry, and Fire Science, Andy Betz has tutored and taught mathematics, chemistry, physics, fire science, and CPR for 30 years. He collects occupations (the current tally is 91) and currently teaches high school (during the day) and college (during the evening). Fairly new to writing, he embraces each opportunity each publication/editor/contest offers. Married for nearly 25 years and currently diverting his kitten from his computer, he enjoys the color green, bad puns, and the entire catalog of the Beatles.



Issue No. 241 ~ June, 2017

Today I became November. The vote was five to four with one abstention; January always abstains. For no requirement forces his lack of action in voting; only custom. January rules by custom. Today was no different. A few of my predecessors campaigned for and against …