account_circle by Hareendran Kallinkeel
Hareendran Kallinkeel lives in Kerala, India, after voluntarily retiring from an elite commando outfit. Waking from a hiatus of over a decade, he has recently returned to fiction writing. Prior to the hiatus, he has been widely published in online as well as print media. The title story of his short fiction collection, “A Few Ugly Humans,” has earned a nomination for the Pushcart Prize in 2005. Recent publications include a flash fiction in Aphelion E-zine.


Rustle in the Coconut Groves

Issue No. 247 ~ December, 2017

Devu sits on the veranda floor, listening to her husband blowing a conch shell, a ritual that follows his evening prayers. He keeps the door of his puja room closed, but the sound finds a way out. She grabs a fistful of roasted mussels from …