account_circle by Jim Meirose
Jim Meirose's work has appeared in numerous magazines and journals, including Permafrost, Blueline, Ohio Edit, Bartleby Snopes, the Fiddlehead, Witness, Alaska Quarterly review, and Xavier Review, and has been nominated for several awards. Two collections of his short work have been published. And a novel, "Mount Everest" was released in 2015 by Montag Press. Another novel, "Eli the Rat", has just been released by Montag as well. Three more novels are under contract with Montag for 2016-2017 release: these are previously published novels which had gone out of print from other houses. More information is available at



Issue No. 236 ~ January, 2017

I’m a Cop, sure. I think that all the time, out in the street here. I’m just a Cop, walking my beat. I walked the beat all my life, but—these days now, it’s all just mirrors. It used to be a regular town but now …