account_circle by Leah Jane Esau
Leah Jane Esau’s work has appeared in PANK, Bodega Magazine, The New Quarterly, Grain, and upcoming in The Dalhousie Review and The Impressment Gang. Her story “The Robbers,” was in the top 25 for the Glimmer Train New Writer Award (May 2015) In 2014 she was nominated for the Bronwen Wallace Award for emerging writers, with the Writer’s Trust of Canada. Thank you for your time. SELECTED PUBLICATIONS “The Mouse” –upcoming Impressment Review “Rich Life” –upcoming Dalhousie Review “After Sex,” Bodega Magazine: March 2016 “Mom’s Moving to Germany,” Grain Magazine, Vol. 42. 4, Summer 2015 “The Survivors,” PANK, Vol. 10. 4, Summer 2015 “The Painting,” The New Quarterly, Vol. 133, Winter 2015 “Dream Interpretation,” Writer’s Trust of Canada, itunes, 2014 “Letters to Your Brother,” Carousel Magazine, vol. 35. 2013 “How We Remember,” Little Bird Stories, Vol. 3, Ed: Alix Ohlin and Sarah Selecky, May 2013. Waterfront : The Blessing. Out on a Limb: Short Plays by New Playwrights. Ed: Kit Brennan, Signature Editions, Fall 2011. Calvin Carousel Magazine, vol. 25, February 2010.


God in the Garage

Issue No. 237 ~ February, 2017

When Tomas arrived at the apartment, there was a naked hooker sitting on the kitchen table, one leg above her head. The music was so loud, he’d heard it from the street– techno, or pop electric, and now that he was inside the apartment, the …