account_circle by William Males
William Males dropped out of Yale for the Army in '67 and out of the Army for Sweden in '69. He would have dropped out of Sweden too, but that wasn't an option. His pieces are about this sort of thing. Three have been published in Stand Magazine, Newcastle Upon Tyne, and three broadcast on the BBC World Service. He recently received a Master of Fine Arts from Bennington College.


The Dog House

Issue No. 16 ~ September, 1998

Our dog barn looked like a battlefield after Figgy busted the Coke bottles. He’d done it after the pigeon colonel chewed him out for not keeping the cages clean. Colonels aren’t supposed to chew you out. They’re supposed to have better things to do. But …


Issue No. 15 ~ August, 1998

Foggy mornings trainees grew like mushrooms in the company street. They had been regular folks, but now were regular army. They had dreamed irregularly before being drafted, dreamed now regularly of survival in the jungle. The sergeant referred rarely to their individuality and if he …