account_circle by Mary Ann Smyth
Mary Ann lives and writes in suburban Philadelphia. She came to writing late in life and wonders why it took her so long. Stories published in the anthology DEATH KNELL II, Whispering Willow Mystery Magazine, Cozy Detective Mystery Magazine, Pif Magazine, Calliope and The New Writer which is published in Kent, England. Her books are Murder at Argrey, its sequel Argrey's Lament, and Death is so Final. She's also written a YA mystery Monocle Man and its sequel Faither.


Blessed Silence

Issue No. 13 ~ June, 1998

The man really loved his wife. If only she would stop talking. She never shut up. Never said anything he wanted to hear. She began to talk non-stop about inanimate objects. Then she started to talk to the objects. Especially her miniatures! She started building …