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Mimi Carmen had this to say: "In a company newsletter, I wrote a story, "The Bone Dish," which a minister used as a sermon. CBS Radio heard of me and asked for a story to be written for a program broadcast Christmas Eve, so I wrote, overnight, "The Carriage." As a member of Alex Keegan's Boot Camp, an online creative writing group, I have written twenty stories in the last year and a half. My short story, "Mama, I Broke An Egg", was published in the February 1998 issue of Seeker Magazine. In Gallery Zandstraat, The Intercultural Magazine, a story of mine is currently published called "Jason." In Story Bytes April issue, I was Top Choice with the most feedback for "The Carriage."


Love Birds

Issue No. 18 ~ November, 1998

When my mother died, I inherited fifty wild birds, and an over sexed parakeet named Tony. When I stayed in her apartment the night after the funeral, I wondered if my mother’s ghost was still in that kitchen that smelled of dead chickens. Was she …

The Cardinal

Issue No. 12 ~ May, 1998

Love, lust, infidelity; a young woman coming to understand the path her life has taken.