account_circle by Miriam O'Neal
Miriam Oneal had this to say about her poem: "Gerard Manley Hopkins said, "What you look hard at seems to look hard at you." This seems to sum up a way of being for a writer, though I think it's easier to 'look hard' than to be looked hard at. The transforming time for me as a writer, is when I finally stay still and become the poem's object, the seen thing. Then, the poem speaks, tells me what it wants, there is a kind of collaboration of energies."

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66 Galaxie

Issue No. 22 ~ March, 1999

"I'm not going to say a thing about "all that post modern tv scrap culture generation x bullshit" ... I will say that m loncar has found a way to project the surface of late twentieth century American pop culture in a kind of holograph that spins us forward at a rapid rate on verbal wheels..."