account_circle by Mohamed Refaat
Mohamed is an Egyptian pharmacist working in the field of pharmaceutical sales and marketing. Mohamed is an avid reader who found a calling in writing, both fiction and non-fiction. Mohamed has a completed novel in Arabic, (The Cafe), scheduled for publication in January 2016 as well as another novel in English which is a work in progress. In addition to these, he is also working on a short story collection titled "Broken Men". Mohamed frequently updates his personal blog and contributes book reviews to a local magazine in the Gulf where he lives with his wife and two daughters.


Locked Up

Issue No. 225 ~ February, 2016

“I killed a man, Father. I killed him and I chopped him up.” It was the first, and last, time Jack had asked to speak to the prison chaplain. In a minimum security facility like this one, not many inmates requested to speak to the …