account_circle by Nod Ghosh
Nod Ghosh's work features in anthologies: Love on the Road 2015 (Liberties Press), Landmarks (U.K. 2015 NFFD), Horizons 2 (Top of the South NZSA), Leaving the Red Zone (Clerestory Press, N.Z.), and various other publications. Nod is associate editor for Flash Frontier, an Adventure in Short Fiction.


The Spider with Seven Legs

Issue No. 239 ~ April, 2017

The afternoon light penetrates the parlour curtains and irritates me. Flickering on my eyelids, the red-white on and off wakes me. Red. Heat. White. Cool. The custard-thick air is hard to breathe. The last strands of sleep drift from my body. It’s hot. There’s that …